Advanced Protection
For Your Ads Margins.

Protecting over 1B impressions per day
for leading advertisers and ad networks.

ADSCORE’s mission is to categorize web traffic that is organically generated or purchased by your business. It detects the following categories of traffic: human, proxy, low quality (obsolete device and/or browser) and of course, bots.

Detection is done by a highly scalable, continuously improving system. The detection model is updated on a daily basis, using quality training data that contains all categories of traffic. Adscore can be used by Advertisers, Ad Networks and Publishers alike, to check the quality of the traffic that is bought or sold.

We aim to offer high quality detection at a very competitive price point.

Bot Traffic Detection

Bots make up a consistent chunk of internet traffic. They mean ad fraud, drained advertising budgets and wasted computing power. Your hard-worked ad campaigns might even be stolen by bots of Ad Spy tools. Come under ADSCORE's wing.

Scraping Protection

You were assuming that having your web content scraped and re-published is a necessary evil. And you can only protect yourself with captchas by compromising your human visitors’ experience. Come under ADSCORE's wing.

Low Quality Human Traffic Detection

Correctly targeting users according to their buying power and conversion rates is essential to running profitable campaigns. You can now accurately detect users with out of date operating systems and devices. Come under ADSCORE's wing.

Stop buying fraudulent traffic.

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