About Adscore

Here's what you need to know

Adscore has been created by the team behind the advertising network. While managing and operating the network for 10+ years, we have seen and fought all kinds of fraud. So our idea was to improve on existing bot detection technologies as well as get them released as an affordable alternative to the existing commercial fraud detection services.

It is especially important to note, that was one of the very first advertising networks that paid publishers same-day, contrary to the industry standard of NET 30 payments. That meant, that we did not have weeks to collect feedback from advertisers. We had to be capable of detecting publishers attempting to supply fraudulent traffic instantly, or at least the same day, before the daily automated payout would go through. We’ve seen it all during this past ten years — ranging from small scale publishers opening ads by themselves utilizing either their ISP’s dynamic IP or via VPNs, up to huge scale mobile adware campaigns, reaching millions of impressions per day.

Therefore, building on our rich experience, we created Adscore. Its purpose is to provide world-class ad fraud detection services, at a competitive price point. We aim to clean the internet from low quality traffic, by democratising access to real-time traffic analysis.

Contact details:

Adscore Technologies DMCC
Office 1906, Jumeirah Business Center 5,
Cluster W, Jumeirah Lake Towers,
P.O. Box 282060
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Email — [email protected]
Phone — +97142428305
DUNS — 864345707